First performed in Australia on 7 November 1985
Festival LP - MX 64531
Festival CD - CD 38744

Chrysalis CD - VK 41659

Tracks Credits
1. Early Images Music by Iva Davies and Bob Kretschmer
2. Terra Incognita Recorded by Iva Davies at Trash Studios, Sydney
3. Solitaire Mixed by Warne Livesey at Crescent Studios, Bath, U.K.
4. A Break In The Clouds Produced by Iva Davies and Bob Kretschmer
5. Love Dance  
6. No Promises Text from LP - A work originally conceived for the Sydney Dance Company performance of Boxes. Boxes was conceived by Iva Davies, Bob Kretschmer and Graeme Murphy as a dance work which was first performed by The Sydney Dance Company at the Sydney Opera House on November 7th 1985.
7. The Tempest - Part One
8. The Tempest - Part Two
9. Gravity
10. Indian Summer
11. Russian Dolls  
12. Regular Boys Text from CD - Boxes is a commission for the Sydney Dance Company. It was conceived by its composers, in collaboration with choreographer Graeme Murphy as a dance work. The first live performance of Boxes was given by the Sydney Dance Company together with Iva Davies, Bob Kretschmer, Masaki Tanazawa in the Opera Theatre of the Sydney Opera House on November 7th 1985.
13. Familiar Winds
14. The Walker
15. No Promises (reprise)
16. Surgery
17. Regular Boys (reprise)
18. Labyrinth - Part One  
19. Labyrinth - Part Two  
20. Liberation - Part One  
21. Liberation - Part Two