CD/DVD - DIVAU100130
Reissue released 20 May 2011, album first released in 1980
(P) and (C) 2011 DIVA RECORDS

Tracks Credits and
1. Icehouse Iva Davies/vocals guitars Digitally remastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 Mastering
2. We Can Get Together John Lloyd/drums vocals
3. Fatman Anthony Smith/keyboards vocals All songs written by Iva Davies except +
4. Sister + Keith Welsh/bass vocals Written by Iva Davies and Michael Hoste
5. Walls All songs published by Kobalt Australia Pty Ltd
6. Can't Help Myself Ian Moss/solo guitar on skin, courtesy of WEA Records
7. Skin + Michael Hoste/additional keyboards and solo piano on Sons Front cover artwork by John Lloyd
8. Sons Geoff Oakes/saxophone on Sons Original inside artwork by Geoff Gifford/Modern Art
9. Boulevarde + Photography by Grant Matthews
10. Nothing To Do + Produced by Cameron Allan and Iva Davies except * produced by Iva Davies Archival material from Fabian & Tracy Byrne,
11. Not My Kind Neville Davies and Spellbound
12. Send Somebody + Recorded by Gerry Nixon at Studio 301 except Anniversary edition artwork by Debaser (
13. All The Way * Can't Help Myself and Send Somebody  
14. Paradise Lost (instrumental) Recorded by David Cafe at Paradise Studios 30th Anniversary Edition repackaging curated by
All The Way recorded by John Bee at Studio 301 Iva Davies and Keith Welsh
Bonus Tracks ++ Love In Motion (original single mix) produced  
15. Love In Motion (original single mix) ++ and recorded by Steve Nye at Battery Studios  
16. Goodnight Mr Matthews (b-side to 'Love In Motion') * Mixed by Steve Nye at Air Studios  
17. Can't Help Myself (original 10" single mix)  
Live Recordings Credits  
1. Boulevarde 1 1 Recorded for Live at the Wireless on Double J 3 Recorded at the Agora Ballroom Dallas Texas
2. Funtime 1 (now triple j) at the Royal Antler Hotel September 1981
3. Man Who Dies Every Day 1 Narrabeen Sydney 9/2/1980 Cold Turkey written by John Lennon
4. Fatman 1 used by kind permission of triple j (Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd)
5. Sorry 2 Funtime written by Iggy Pop and David Bowie
6. Cold Turkey 3 (Univeral Music Publishing Pty Ltd, EMI Music 4 Recorded at the Country Club
7. We Can Get Together 4 Publishing Australia Pty Ltd, EMI Virgin Music Los Angeles California September 1981
8. Nothing To Do 5 Publishing Australia Pty Ltd)
9. Icehouse 6 Man Who Dies Every Day written by Dennis Leigh, William 5 Recorded at Thebarton Theatre Adelaide 13/2/1981
10. Send Somebody 6 Currie, Christopher Allen, Warren Cann and Steven Shears originally recorded for SAFM
11. Sons 6 (Univeral Music Publishing Pty Ltd) used by kind permission of Austereo Pty Ltd
12. Skin 6
13. Walls 6 2 Recorded at Studios 301 Sydney 6 Recorded at Festival Hall Melbourne 17/11/1981
14. All The Way 7 live in Studio A August 1980 originally recorded for EON FM
15. Goodnight Mr Matthews 7 Sorry written by Stevie Wright and George Young used by kind permission of Austereo Pty Ltd
16. Love In Motion 7 (Albert Music)
17. Not My Kind 7 7 Recorded for triple j's Live at the Wireless
18. Sister 7 at Capitol Theatre Sydney 13/11/1981
19. Can't Help Myself 7 used by kind permission of triple j
DVD Credits  
1. Interview with Iva Davies Waiting For The Man written by Lou Reed  
2. Boulevarde (EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd)  
3. Waiting For The Man filmed and recorded for Radio With Pictures at  
4. Sister Sweetwaters Music Festival February 1981  
5. Icehouse used by kind permission of TVNZ Television Archive  
6. Walls  
1. Flowers to Icehouse used by kind permission of Australian Broadcasting  
2. Can't Help Myself (15 June 1980) Corporation Library Sales  
3. Can't Help Myself (10 August 1980)  
4. We Can Get Together (28 September 1980)  
5. We Can Get Together (2 November 1980)  
6. Walls (8 February 1980)  
7. Icehouse (from 1980 Countdown Awards 22 March 1981)  
8. Humdrum Molly Meldrum (12 July 1981)  
9. Love In Motion (25 October 1981)  
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