The following is an excerpt from the email Iva sent to the icehouse-list, requesting assistance in compiling suggestions for the upcoming re-release of Icehouse material:


Dear friends,

As you are probably aware it has becoming increasingly difficult to find copies of any of the albums over the last 12 months. This is a result of the fact that we ceased manufacture some time ago in order to clear the shelves of our previous record company's stock. As you are probably also aware the albums have been digitally re-mastered and the artwork restored to its original quality in preparation for a major release of the whole catalogue this year. Originally it was intended that the albums come out in their "classic" form simply to provide stock for those who wished to buy them (albeit that the sound and presentation quality has been much improved). However in discussions with the record company last week we decided that it would be a prime opportunity to "value add" to the albums by including any tracks related to their release or period which have not been available on CD, except perhaps through sets like the "A-side, B-side" collection. Examples of these from the Flowers album would be tracks like the original "Love In Motion" single from Australasia and its accompanying B-side "Goodnight, Mr. Matthews".

Because I am sure to overlook something important I would greatly appreciate some suggestions from your collective memories of the tracks you would like to see added to the albums. Sadly it may not be possible to add some things, either because they are not accessible or because there simply isn't room for them. Nonetheless I would like to insure that we get the best possible collection together. I would not completely discount "live" tracks although a lot of these are hard to access. Some selected live tracks may be entirely appropriate. The priority, however, should be to at least cover the outstanding studio recordings. For a start I'd like to confine the discussions album by album chronologically starting with the Flowers album only (or for those outside Australasia the FIRST Album).

The release schedule for this year has some frighteningly demanding deadlines and there is a great deal of work involved in putting all this together. Your assistance would be very greatly appreciated.

With best regards,
Iva Davies


We are opening up the forum to all fans of Icehouse, so that everyone has a chance to have their say. Please take a look at the suggestions that have been collected so far. If you would like to vote for any of the listed tracks or suggest some of your own, please drop us an email. Remember to check back often, so that you can take part in "Iva's Poll" for each Icehouse album.


FLOWERS/ICEHOUSE - polling closed

PRIMITIVE MAN - polling closed

SIDEWALK - polling closed

MEASURE FOR MEASURE - polling closed

MAN OF COLOURS - polling closed

CODE BLUE - polling closed

BIG WHEEL - polling closed

THE BERLIN TAPES - polling closed

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