No Promises
US 12" 4V943009 or VAS2362
US 7" VS4-42978
Released in 1986

Shown: The 7" picture sleeve
The 12" has no picture sleeve
Tracks Credits
US 12"  
A - No Promises (Club Mix) Produced by Rhett Davies. Additional Production
B - No Promises (Dub); No Promises (Instrumental) & Remix by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
US 7"  
A - No Promises No Promises produced & engineered by Rhett
B - Into The Wild Davies. Mixed by David Lord & Warne Livesey
  Into The Wild Produced by Rhett Davies. Mixed by
  David Lord, assisted by Raine Shine.
  Recorded at Whitehouse and Air Studios, London/
  Crescent Studios, Bath/Trash Studios, Sydney

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