Bulletin #1
© June 1993

On June 4th in Sydney, Australia, Iva participated in a press conference pertaining to World Environment Week. Attending the conference with Iva were singers Jenny Morris and Toni Pearan. Toni is an "up-and-comer" who is better known for her acting on the Australian soapie E Street. She's had debut chart success with her hit singles "In Your Room" and "I Want You." Jenny Morris is already an established singer in her own right. The press conference was covered by many major Australian newspapers and magazines.

Australia's Woman's Day magazine also had an article featuring Iva. It pertained to an organization called ARK, who is calling for more environmental awareness. Iva was shown in a photo sporting his very own ARK t-shirt on the beach. He spoke out about the need to keep Australian waters clean, something near and dear to his surfie heart. Other notables mentioned in the article were Yahoo Serious, Jimmy Barnes, and various cast members from E Street and Neighbours. This magazine was said to have hit the newsstands on May 31st.

Next up… drum roll please… MUSIC NEWS! Released on Tuesday, June 15th, was Icehouse's first new single since "Love In Motion." The single even has a title all its own - Spin One - and features four tracks. They are "Shakin' The Cage," "Byrralku Dhangudha," "Dedicated To Glam," and "MLK." "Shakin' The Cage" has already been added to the playlists of Triple J nationally and 96 FM in Perth. We're sure many more radio stations will be snatching this single up and adding it to their playlists.

"Shakin' The Cage" was one of the first songs penned during the writing sessions for Man Of Colours. Writing credits go to Iva, Bob Kretschmer, Simon Lloyd, and Andy Qunta; the track was remixed by General Dynamics, which consists of Cameron Allan and Charles Clouser.

This sampler is but a taste of what is slated to come out in July: Full Circle, a double album of Icehouse songs that have been "maimed and mutilated" for your listening pleasure. Each disc has its own moniker - Revolution is the dance half of this duo; its esoteric partner is Time And Motion. These discs will not be sold separately, and as yet there is no price tag on this little gem.

Our next piece of news came straight from Paul Wheeler. On June 20th, there will be a major television and radio extravaganza in Australia called The Big Day In. Previously, there had been a huge concert called The Big Day Out, and this is just an extension of that. This event benefits refugees and they hope to raise 1.5 million dollars towards the cause. Icehouse are playing their part by performing two Brian Eno songs, "Blank Frank" and "Driving Me Backwards." It's good to see Icehouse are becoming involved in some worthy causes.

We'd like to thank Louise Stovin-Bradford and Paul Wheeler for providing us with all the latest information!