Bulletin #2
© September 1993

Transmitting to record stores on Monday, September 6 is the new Icehouse single "Satellite"! The CD single will contain the original version of the song, as well as a 12" remix called the "Ecstatic mix." The other two tracks featured are another new song called "Orbital Line," and one of the Brian Eno songs they did for the Big Day In back in June. The one they chose is "Blank Frank." The album is still slated to be released in October and a title is still forthcoming. The record shop clerks that we've spoken to in Australia say the industry buzz is this song is HOT and everyone is very impressed… stupendously impressed!! Triple J is beginning to play this new scorcher and we encourage everyone in Oz to ring them up and request it! The video has also hit the airwaves and is said to look really good!

Speaking of videos, two more have been filmed, using Trackdown Studios as the location. Starring in these are Iva, Paul W., and David Chapman. A photo shoot has also taken place, and as soon as we see the proof, so will all of you! However, the band line-up for possible touring has not yet been confirmed.

Also, keep your eyes open for Mr. Davies himself! Iva will be hitting the road on September 6 to do a press tour of Oz. He'll also take that hop, skip, and jump over to New Zealand on the 13th. He'll be there for two days before returning to Australia. Iva will be reacquainting himself with the press corps and also stopping in to talk with a few record company executives along the way. What this means to us, as fans, is more magazine, newspaper, and radio appearances!! We've got a lot to look forward to and it's all starting to happen now!

Our thanks go out to Louise Stovin-Bradford for passing along this information and giving us a portion of her very valuable time - something she has in short supply these days! Also, thanks to Paul Wheeler for helping us out with information, and being "cool!"