What's Happenin'
Spellbound - Vol II Iss I
© January 1995


There wasn't a lot of press for Icehouse these past months. After the tour ended, the flurry of reviews and photo ops died down. With the release of the final single off of Big Wheel, "Invisible People" was the last bit of news rich journos could write about concerning Icehouse. New Zealand's press made some late comments about Big Wheel, with the last single never materializing there. Rip It Up magazine said, "…the album reflects the determined focus and conviction of the band and the spirit with which it was made."

The Sunday Star Times' Colin Hogg wasn't as kind in his review, although he called Iva a "leading light," and said he "cut his career with sharp songs." Mr. Hogg insisted on flogging the dead Bowie horse and thus was reduced to a breakfast side dish in our estimation. (Wasn't he a character in "Spinal Tap"?)

The lads were mentioned in Queensland newspapers for taking part in a benefit for the Spina Bifida Foundation in June. Then, a few months later, were again involved in a charity event whose main cause was the drought-stricken farmers of Queensland. Iva's smiling face was spotted in a Melbourne area newspaper, sharing a drink with some fella named Farnham.

That is about the extent of news, these six months gone, put down in black and white about Icehouse.


"Invisible People" was the final single of off Big Wheel. This single evidently proved to be too invisible for radio and it was unfortunately not given the airplay it deserved.

Icehouse fans were left to ponder the fate of Full Circle and itched to get their hands on it! Well, fate can take some strange twists as Full Circle was finally released… in Germany! It was released by a company called Intercord and those lucky Europeans reading this may find Full Circle at their local music shop. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, including Australia, must either get their copies from an import store or catalogue.

Live Performances

The only two live performances given by Icehouse after the tour ended were both done in the name of charity. In June, the band was in Brisbane for Channel 9 and Angry Anderson's concert benefit for the Spina Bifida Foundation. Icehouse performed "Great Southern Land" and "Miss Divine." The 10,000 plus crowd responded wonderfully to the boys by clapping and singing along. However, it was a Gildea who held them enthralled backstage… Oliver Gildea, that is! Icehouse had a stand-in bassist for this show, replacing Stephen Morgan, who was in Europe anticipating the release of Full Circle… oh, and getting married! Stephen's stand-in was another Steve - Steve Bull - and he was later found playing with Vince Stone. Vince had a great drummer, too, but his name escapes us…

The band performed "Great Southern Land" at the next charity concert in Melbourne, benefitting Queensland's farmers. The Best For The Bush Concert raised over $3 million and will hopefully help the farmers recoup their losses and preserve their livelihood.

Radio and Television

There were no radio appearances to report of these past months. Both charity concerts were televised and we hope you were able to see the band perform!


The Wild Child Exhibit was well worth seeing and we hope everyone in the Sydney area was able to. The Icehouse items included were the Man Of Colours jacket, a cube-shaped paper weight with a miniature version of Flowers' Icehouse album cover encased in it, and the "Crazy" picture disc. There was also the wonderful feature of a mixing board where the participant could take a seat and recreate "Great Southern Land." Congratulations should go to those involved in setting up this popular section of the exhibit, including Trackdown Studio's Simon "Puuuuut the Caaaaat Ouuuuuuuut…" Leadley.

The Wild Child Exhibit has closed but Iva was once again asked to donate Icehouse memorabilia to a travelling Rock 'n' Roll exhibit. The Rock and Roll Legends exhibition has cases from such artists as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the Who. Amongst the 27 cases from Australian artists, you will find one devoted to Icehouse, which will include a black leather vest that Iva wore during the Flowers days. This exhibition will be touring Australia and then will take to the road for two years, traveling to Southeast Asia and Europe. If the exhibition comes to the US, we'll be sure to let our American subscribers know. Congratulations to Icehouse and Iva on achieving "Rock 'n' Roll Legend" status!

We are happy to report that Mercedes Lackey has revived the character of Tannim! Her new book, Chrome Circle, has Tannim once again battling the magical forces of evil and also has him falling in love! Is it a coincidence that her book title contains the word "circle" as in Full Circle?

Sue Adams in New Zealand has pointed out another book to us. It is called The Tricksters and was written by Margaret Mahy. What caught Sue's attention was the following excerpt from the book, found on pages 117-118: "Harry and Tibby went inside and put the tape of an Australian band on the tape recorder. It was not a Christmas sound. The band sang about their own continent, '--living in the summer for a million years.' It seemed the voice of her own country to Harry. Relieved of the pressure of other people in the house, she danced first with Tibby and then on her own, whirling around, spinning like a wild bird with a plaited crest, caught in a gale of sound. At last, tired out, she stood still, listening intently, then laughed and took Tibby down to the beach…"

It seems no matter where we Icehouse fans turn, the influence of the band is felt! Take for instance Kristin purchasing a little black leather purse at Paddy's Markets in Sydney. It has a silver metal plate riveted onto it and the plate bears the word "Perspective." But, a few days after the purchase, Kristin noticed that there were very tiny words written around the rim of the plate. They read as follows: "Security Code Clearance 101874 Code Blue Highest Level Eyes Only." Indeed!

The Boys

Simon Lloyd is working with Iva on some "technology based projects," with the details being classified "Top Secret." He can also be found on Guy Delandro's album Pool Of Reflections playing sax on the title track.

Steve Morgan spent the better part of June and July in Europe. He and his fiancé, Caroline, tied the knot in Lake Como, Italy, and then toured about for their honeymoon. They saw the sights of Italy, Portugal, Spain, and enjoyed Paris quite a bit. Amsterdam and London were also part of the newly wedded couple's agenda.

Upon returning home to the Melbourne area, Steve barely had time to shake the European dust off before he headed up to Sydney. There he worked for six weeks as the musical director for "Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom," a show about greed, corruption, and the Catholic Church! Stephen had fun participating in this show and various members of the band came to see the production, including Iva and Tonia on opening night. At the show's conclusion, Stephen returned to Melbourne where he began writing and playing in a seven piece band. The band plays covers of a "funk/dance" variety. He continues to teach bass to a few students and is setting up his own home studio. Stephen and Caroline also held another wedding for family and friends to attend. As for future little Morgans, Steve says they are "madly working on it" and will let nature take its course.

Paul Wheeler did not take too large a break after the Big Wheel tour ended. He hooked up with Vince Stone and played around Australia with his band for a while. He then was soon involved with a band made up of Craig Bloxom (bass) and Mark Cuffe (guitar) of Spy V. Spy. In July, the band traveled to New York City, where they played gigs at the Mercury Lounge and the legendary CBGB's Club. The band was well received and has since returned to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they have signed a contract with Wet Green Records, and are cutting their first LP. They are recording at the studio where Nirvana recorded their In Utero album. The owner of the studio, Jim Nichols, is also having a hand in producing the album. The guys call themselves Shock Poets and are managed by Gary Morris, Midnight Oil's manager. Mr. Morris would like the Shock Poets to be a US based band and plans are in the making to have them tour the States in the early part of '95.

Before leaving Australia, Paul also played drums on a track of David Chapman's. This track will find itself included on an album of ambient music being put together by Simon Leadley. Fans can also hear Paul on another new age-styled album by Guy Delandro called Pool Of Reflections. Paul plays drums and keyboards on just about every song on the album and co-wrote two of the songs with Guy. The previously mentioned Steve Bull played bass on the album, as did another former Icehouse bassist, Glenn Krawczyk. Guy has a new CD coming out, which will feature Paul on the drums. Paul is still involved with Icehouse and will be involved in Iva's upcoming projects.

Paul Gildea has been working pretty steadily with Debra Byrne. The country band he and Steve Morgan were involved with has since dissolved but they had good fun while it lasted. We've heard that Paul's next gig may possibly be surfing with Iva!

David Chapman is still involved in the big world of advertising but is in the process of expanding his horizons considerably. He and his partner, Derek, are building a studio in Crow's Nest, Sydney, and are contending with carpenters, electricians, and bankers! We wish David and Derek the best of luck with their new venture! As mentioned in Paul Wheeler's news, David will have a track on Simon Leadley's upcoming album, which may be released in early '95. We are looking forward to hearing that!

Iva Davies is currently working with a jazz pianist called Max Lambert on some covers from the 70s and early 80s. Max used to play piano for the Sydney Dance Company classes. These covers will become the score for a new ballet for the Sydney Dance Company and is scheduled to be performed September 1995 to January 1996. The "story" behind the ballet has yet to be written. The score will be released as an album, and there may even be a few EPs of "extra covers." These EPs could be released as early as May. Iva may also begin work on a new studio album but those plans are still in the very early stages.

His other main task at hand is cataloging all of the Icehouse archives and memorabilia he "inherited" from both Rod Willis and Dirty Pool Managements. Going through all the old Icehouse tour records, posters, photos, and other such items has been time consuming for Iva, but sorting through it has been "amazing." Iva has been taking each day as it comes and follows where his inspiration leads him. If he feels like working on his ballet score, he does that. If he feels like surfing with his new board, he does that (and very quickly puts a ding in it!).

Iva also found time to contribute a track to the now-much-anticipated Simon Leadley album. He may also lay down some oboe tracks for an album being put together by Rob Hirst, the drummer for Midnight Oil, and Rick Grossman, bass player with the Hoodoo Gurus. Rob spotted Iva at Trackdown and asked him to play his oboe for the album he is working on.

Finally, Keith Welsh has been speaking with Iva about doing some producing work and is "sniffing about" for a band with which Iva could work.

Brynn had her first birthday on November 1st, and had a lovely party with all her friends. Another party was held on November 6th for the family. She is growing by leaps and bounds! She is also displaying signs of her perhaps "inherited" talents. She loves music and will bop away in perfect time. Her Grandmother Davies made her a fairy dress for her birthday and, wearing it at her party, Brynn proceeded to delight everyone with her ballet moves! There was also an exciting event in the Davies household the last week of November. Brynn took her very first steps, much to the delight of her proud parents!

So, although things seem quiet with Iva right now, don't be fooled! We have so much to look forward to coming out of the Icehouse!

…and that's what's happenin'!