Expedition to the Exhibition
Darren McKinty
Spellbound - Vol II Iss III
© September 1995

This exhibition will be moving around Australia for the next few months, and then it will go overseas where it will tour for about a year or so. The tour lasts for two years all up so keep your eyes out for it, oh anxious fans.

The display contains all sorts of paraphernalia, including (this next bit extracted from the press release): "…Stage outfits, gold and platinum records, guitars and other unique personal items…" from many bands and solo artists dating from the '60s through to the '90s.

When we arrived we made a bee-line to the Icehouse display, so I'll do the same now by skipping the multitude of other artists who appear in the exhibition and get on to the juicy Icehouse stuff.

On display are:

Backstage passes, baggage and roadie tags from the following tours -
Flowers (1981)
Measure For Measure
Man of Colours
Code Blue

A typed set list which appears to be from the Man Of Colours tour (relying on memory of that tour, here).

Iva's snakeskin boots, which have seen better days, as worn for the Code Blue tour. Iva assures me that he bought them second hand, and not all the damage was done by him!

A framed photo of Iva in his Big Wheel outfit, signed: "Iva Davies ICEHOUSE".

Original handwritten lyrics to "Great Southern Land" and "Electric Blue" - it is interesting to see the original conception of the lyrics.

We then stood around waiting for Iva to put in an appearance… waiting… waiting…

…Ahhh… There's a familiar, tanned face… Iva comes down the escalator in a white suit, hair slicked back, dressed to kill.

I introduce myself, and claim that I'm honestly here to take photos for Spellbound, and he replies with a grin: "I was half expecting you to show up." Hmmm… transparent as glass, Dags…

Anyway, I spoke with him about Icehousey things and Berlin whilst having photos taken.

Apparently, Iva had been shuttled off that morning to appear on a TV program without his prior knowledge, and he also had no idea what he was meant to do at this opening until five minutes before he went on!!

When the announcer called Iva to the stage, he gave one of his winning smiles as he strode across to the microphone to the accompaniment of much applause, whistling and cheering… I wasn't sure what the rest of the crowd was doing, though.

Iva spoke about Icehouse, Boxes, Razorback, and put in a good plug for the forthcoming production Berlin. He then presented the travelling display with:His Black Fender Stratocaster guitar (badly beaten and signed by Iva… drool) used in the studio and for live work. This particular guitar was used for writing "Electric Blue," "Man Of Colours," "Hey, Little Girl," and "Great Southern Land" - possibly more songs, but that's all that were listed.

A black leather jacket hand made in Australia in 1986 featuring silver studs along the shoulders and back, coupled with a winged globe and the words "Morte O' Gloria" (Latin for "Death And Glory"), worn during the Measure for Measure tour overseas.

His buckled waistcoat worn in the pub-crawling days of Flowers, with his own interesting description of its history: "…It has seen a few dubious places and has been wrung out a few times…"

After the presentation, he was subject to more photo sessions with keen followers wearing moronic grins (yes… me again) and a quick drink before he was whisked away to the airport.

One thing I have always found with Iva - he is a real gentleman: even through the obvious lack of organisation and frustration at not knowing what was going on, he appeared at ease and had time for signatures and photos for admirers. We were appreciative of his tolerance of us taking photos, asking questions (although he didn't seem to mind chatting with us) and just "being in his general vicinity."

I would like to thank Iva for making the trip to Melbourne, and wish him good success in his production of Berlin beginning in November this year.