Words In Motion
Spellbound - Vol II Iss IV
© February 1996

From Bernhard S., Para Hills, SA, Australia -
Two questions for Iva:
1. Last year I spent 14 weeks travelling around Europe, had a ball, and found some beautiful places (such as the Isle of Skye, the Black Forest, Norway, Andorra, rural England, Berlin - I could keep going!) that I wish I could just click my fingers and return. Does he have any particular favourite European places?
2. Would he consider writing with Bob Kretschmer again? Or maybe getting together with Paul Kelly, Greg Arnold (Things of Stone and Wood), David Bridie (Not Drowning, Waving), Richard Pleasance, or Joe Camilleri? Just curious. Just imagine the results!!!!
Iva's answer -
Stockholm is beautiful in the summer, it has that classical European feel. London is depressing. I only actually got to spend one night in Paris as a tourist, but I sort of liked it. The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen were beautiful, all fairy lit, when I walked through them one summer evening. Oslo was nice, again in that old European way.
I've never been very good in a collaborative situation. I tend to like to do things my way. That sort of hinders the process. Various collaborations have occurred and have been difficult. John Oates was not difficult. He's a very nice fellow but it was a difficult process for me because I felt I was under a lot of pressure.
In terms of Bob, he played a fairly passive role in the sense that he was really there as a sounding board more than anything. I couldn't identify too many concrete ideas that came from Bob. It was more that Bob was encouraging. In all those instances when you have two ways you can do something and I would spend a half an hour trying to decide which one, I would say to Bob, "I think maybe this one. What do you think?" and he would say, "I think this one." I would go with it straight away. It was a sort of time saving thing, really.
I really think I prefer to work on my own. Richard Pleasance is great… Keith and I talked about this the other day. The only way I would be able to collaborate with anybody would be via correspondence!

From Matthew F., Bradbury, NSW, Australia -
If possible, could you please detail each band member from Icehouse and the dates they were in the band.
Spellbound -
Here's a fairly concise list we received from Sue A. We've combined the Flowers and Icehouse lists, and made a few additions:
Davies, Iva guitar, vocal 1977-
Brown, Don drums 1978
Bull, Steve bass 1995-96 Berlin tour
Camilleri, Joe sax 1983-84
Chapman, David guitar 1993-
Gildea, Paul guitar 1990-
Hoste, Michael keyboards 1981-83
Jansen, Steve drums 1985 Japan tour
Kretschmer, Bob guitar 1982-90
Krawcyzk, Glen bass 1986 Measure For Measure tour
Lambert, Max piano 1995-96 Berlin tour
Llewellyn, Tony keyboards 1991 Code Blue tour/td>
Lloyd, John drums 1985-
Lloyd, Simon keyboards, sax 1979-84
Mason, Roger keyboards 1990 Code Blue tour
Morgan, Stephen bass 1987-
Perry, Graeme drums 1985 Japan tour
Portolesi, Vito bass 1985 Japan tour
Pratt, Guy bass 1982-85
Qunta, Andy keyboards 1982-88
Smith, Anthony (Hall, Adam) keyboards 1978-82
Tanazawi, Masaki drums 1985 Japan tour, Boxes
Wallis, Adrian cello 1995-96 Berlin tour
Welsh, Keith bass 1977-82
Wheeler, Paul drums 1985-