Bulletin #11
© April 1997

Some great news for Icehouse fans in the Sydney area! The Sydney Dance Company are gearing up for another run of Berlin, and this time Iva Davies will be there on stage! Joining Iva's voice will be Paul Wheeler's drumming, Steve Bull's bass playing, and Max Lambert's talented fingers at the piano.

Opening night is May 3rd, 1997, at the Sydney Opera House, with a preview show on May 2nd.

Some familiar faces from the Sydney Dance Company will not be participating in this production - Janet Vernon is out due to hip surgery; Lea Francis and Annastacia Flewin will be missed as well.

The end of this season of Berlin will be May 24th, 1997. After these performances, there are no further plans to take Berlin to any other cities.

The Japanese version of The Berlin Tapes was released on March 21st, 1997. This is the two CD set we were expecting from For Life, with the second CD containing four previously unreleased cover versions.