Words In Motion
Spellbound - Vol III Iss IV
© November 1997

From Kennith F., Lapstone, NSW, Australia -
If some of you other Internet nerds have noticed that there is in article on Iva accompanied with a picture, you will notice that it refers to the publication of an invited paper by him on information technology with the University of New England. This article on the Internet is an edited copy of an article on Iva Davies in the program for Berlin.
Spellbound's answer -
Regarding the "paper" that Iva wrote for the University of New England, the article in the program for Berlin was a bit misleading. Iva told us that he did not write a paper but held a workshop on lyrics. During this workshop he spoke with the participants about the construction of a song and the writing of lyrics, citing "Man Of Colours" as an example. Iva also worked with a student of classical music for one session. Those of us in the States probably believed that the University of New England was located on the Eastern seaboard of the US, and wondered when Iva had been in our country lately! Actually, this university is in NSW.