Words In Motion
Spellbound - Vol IV Iss I
© April 1998

From Bernhard S., Nailsworth, SA, Australia -
Iva said on the Modern Roots interview that Sidewalk originally had a different track listing. May I ask what it was?
Iva's answer -
I wanted to start the album with Sidewalk. What was happening was that I thought Ronald Reagan was a complete buffoon, and this was at the time when he had just been voted the most popular president in America's history. I was a great skeptic then and what I had this terror of was the fact that I had become firmly of the belief that what qualified one best for that position was the ability to act the part, as opposed to being able to perform the role. Of course, nobody in the entire United States agreed with me, and I'd written this song which was vaguely subversive. There was a playback session of the tracks at Eldorado Studios at which point I was obviously operating under the assumption that this was going to be the lead song on the album. I think I must have been reasonably impervious to things like that in those days but I've been reminded many times by various members of 'the committee' since then that it really pissed people off. Apparently, it really pissed off some very important people at Chrysalis. However, the compromise was that it was going to be removed quietly to the second side, at which point I dug in and said at least give it a key position on the second side, which was lead track of the second side. However, in its original form it would have been the lead track of the album, and it was entirely political.
Bernhard's next question -
I hope this isn't asking too much, but could Iva please supply the guitar chords for the brilliant song, "Dusty Pages"? I'm a frustrated guitarist, but I just can't pick the chords.
Iva's answer -
I understand what it is that's got him confused. It was because all the choruses were composed on the Fairlight. It's one of those things where the keyboard dictated it and the guitarist had to do some acrobatics to stay with it. It's not one of those 'guitar songs' - it sounds like it is because it works on an acoustic guitar in the verses, and when you get to the choruses it goes completely out of 'guitarland.' Without sitting down and studying it again I wouldn't be able to answer that one, I'm afraid.
Bernhard's last question -
What is Iva's favourite song of '97, out of curiosity? "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve gets my vote for the record!
Iva's answer -
I wouldn't have a favourite one. I think probably of the successful songs the one which is the most successful with good reasons is probably "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. I very quickly tired of it, but that would get the popular vote. I wouldn't even begin to list the more obscure things I've listened to last year! Some very strange things…