Bulletin #13
© February 1999

Some very exciting news has been released by Iva and his management! We felt this news couldn't wait until the next issue is completed.

Iva's hard work is about to come to fruition! Our waiting for new Icehouse music is about to come to an end! The intense work in which Iva has been involved will be heard with the April/May release of the first single! The title of the single is being kept under wraps for now, as is the name of the new album. The release date for the album has not been nailed down yet but is has been indicated that it will be towards the latter half of this year.

A few more names have popped up, as well. These are people who have had some measure of involvement with the creation of the album. We had told you previously of Guy Pratt and XTC's Andy Partridge having a go at writing with Iva. Also involved are members of 808 State (who had a track on Full Circle), and a keyboardist by the name of Simon Mundey. Mr. Mundey plays the keys for a fellow called Mark Stewart, a techno artist with the a.k.a. of Prince Of Darkness.

Sessions have taken place in the DIVA Studio, some in Sydney, and some at Adrian Sherwood's On U Sound studio in London. Adrian has the moniker "guru" attached to him in terms of the techno scene.

The word "techno" has popped up quite a bit in this bulletin, but don't let that lead you to believe Icehouse has gone down that path. While Iva has been working with these various people, he is staying true to the sound he wants to produce. As you all know, Iva very much likes to stay at the forefront of technology and his working with persons from all fields of music only proves that!