GQ - the male models of Icehouse

AQ: Loved that Crazy shirt! It totally upstages Johnny Carson's car & parking space at NBC, Burbank, '87.

AQ: Posing with a hotel TV that apparently caught my eye! Another great Crazy shirt! By the way, the jacket is leather, even though it looks plastic! That's what the guy at the store told me anyway!

AQ: My favorite items in this one, apart from Groucho Marx on the TV, are those boots! They were, apparently, white water snake! Very rock-star, I thought!

AQ: Ah, yes! The jacket was lent to me by Iva, to wear onstage! It was fringed leather, with lapels that looked and felt like cow-hide. The boots I bought in Toronto. When I got back to the hotel, I found they were of different sizes! Fortunately we didn't have to leave before the store opened in the morning, so I was able to do a switcheroo! The yellow thing round my neck was of beaded, Native American style! Kristin & Cheryl kidded me on about this thing for years! When I finally got all my belongings over from Sydney to L.A., I found it amongst them, so naturally, I sent it to them! LOL!

AQ: '88, backstage at Santa Monica Civic I think! Don't know what that thing was supposed to be, but it certainly made a great hat! (Not!)

AQ: Wrigley Field, Chicago, '86. Bob is not pointing at anything in particular, he just thought it would make the photo more interesting!

AQ: Simon with footwear attached to his head! You don't really see the point of this, until you see him standing on his head!

AQ: While in New Zealand, Simon found the ideal bib for when you go out to eat ribs in the winter!

AQ: Another one of Simon's innovative creations - this is his Egyptian pajamas look!
Spellbound: One cannot ignore the extremely red, extremely high, high-tops being worn by Paul Wheeler!

AQ: More of Simon and the Egyptian pajamas!

AQ: Iva is saying "just look at the quality of this lining!", and Simon is saying "damn, I can't compete with that!"

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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