The KLOS Electric Blue Igloo

AQ: We were traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Iva and Bob were supposed to do an interview at KLOS (a rock station in Los Angeles). They'd built this sort of blue ice igloo in the car park. For some reason or another, everyone was on different flights. Everyone missed their flight except Paul Wheeler, my ex-girlfriend Jane, and myself. So we went to KLOS to say, "We're sorry, Iva's not here. But, you know, we'll do the interview." They said, "We don't want to talk to you, we only want to talk to Iva," and they wouldn't talk to us. So we stood in the melted blue water and took photos.

Spellbound: These photos were taken on 1 April 1988. The bearded fellow is not Andy's ex-girlfriend Jane!

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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