AQ: Man (Of Colours) In The Moon! (Looks very impressive when you can't see the cherry-picker holding it up!)

AQ: If you look hard enough, you can see all six of us spread out across the stage!

AQ: Roadies-eye view! Andy doing some kind of hoedown!

AQ: I'm standing the highest so I win! Oh no, I think Paul is higher! Curses!

AQ: The staging takes the spotlight while Simon, Andy & Bob bask in its glow!

AQ: The view from the wings - for those with backstage passes!

AQ: Another view from the wings, showing the unglamorous side of our gear!

AQ: Slightly different angle from the previous pic.

AQ: The staging was custom-built for the Man Of Colours tour. Pretty big area to run around, with different levels to make it interesting! Have to watch your step in that kind of light though! No major accidents though, fortunately!

AQ: You must show your backstage pass to look at this photo!

AQ: Bob, monitor engineer, modeling the back of the '88 tour T-shirt, with us in the background.

AQ: Guitar roadie, Rainbow, not to be outdone in the T-shirt department! The crew were all great, easy to get on with and very professional. They look like they're relaxing here, but they're ready to run on in a second if anything breaks down, comes unplugged, gets knocked over, goes out of tune, etc., etc., etc.!

AQ: Another great lighting effect I never got to see!

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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