MAN OF COLOURS show at UNC Greensboro

AQ: Andy & Paul casually discussing world events as they play! Such pros!

AQ: Worms-eye view of Andy. Paul & Simon just visible too!

AQ: Elton Qunta!

AQ: Looks like a beautiful day, but a little hot for running around the stage, or even standing watching!

AQ: A day to melt an Icehouse!

AQ: View from behind the stage.

AQ: A better view from behind the stage (I'm in it!)

AQ: Paul & Andy flash their brightest smiles!

AQ: Paul too busy mugging for the camera to notice the keyboard player's facing the wrong way!

AQ: Paul laying down the beat that drives the band!

AQ: Nice shot of Bob, striking a relaxed pose as he awaits his next cue!

AQ: This is the during the instrumental section in the middle of "Mr Big". All of us, except Paul of course, would come down to the front of the stage, one by one, till we were all side by side rockin' away! This was an idea I had that I thought would look good, and having seen video from the live show, I think it worked!

AQ: Iva still singing while the rest of us are already on the bus! (Not really!)

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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