Backstage Mayhem

AQ: Bob looks on enviously as Andy & Simon show off their new deodorant!

AQ: Iva and Larry have to work on their face-pulling skills if they want to compete with Simon!

AQ: Bob and Larry discussing Einstein's Theory of Relativity!

AQ: Bob, Andy & Larry hanging backstage with some new friends.

AQ: Paul apparently taunting Simon and girl with his cake!

AQ: Steve as "Jumbo the bass player"!

AQ: Simon trying to out-do Mr. Spock!

AQ: Flying Concord via AQ Airlines - destination unknown!

AQ: Glenn, Paul & Andy sneak a quick drink during a short stop-over at Bali Airport!

AQ: Simon welcomes you to yet another party in Andy's hotel-room! The host is caught trying to reject the attentions of the tour manager! (This is not why I wanted to be in a band!)

AQ: Simon, Andy & Jane, with Bob, our monitor-engineer and room-mate!

AQ: Paul, Andy & Steve drag some poor unsuspecting soul into their group-bonding session!
Spellbound: Love the socks, Steve! M-O-R-G-A-N M-O-U-S-E!

AQ: "Gimme some more of that oxygen, man!" Backstage in Denver, Mile High City!

AQ: Paul and Larry entertain the ladies, while Iva's back is turned!

AQ: Playing in a band is hard work, but Simon & Bob both manage to put on a brave face!

AQ: Iva enjoying grovelling at the feet of Andy & friend.

AQ: Simon's act has the audience enthralled! On the bus, somewhere in America.
Spellbound suspects Simon is practicing his "spirit fingers" for an upcoming cheerleading competition!

AQ: Simon, Andy & Bob plotting to surprise Iva by playing the songs in a different key next time!
Spellbound: Won't they be surprised when they discover Iva is standing right next to Simon!

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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