AQ: Iva about to pull the string attached to Bob, to indicate it's time for his solo!

AQ: It's funny but I don't remember a song which would require us to say "cheese," but it looks like there was one!

AQ: Look up there! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's all the Icehouse fans in the balcony, jumping up and down! (I'm playing the guitar, so this would have been "Baby, You're So Strange!" Such a fun song to do!)

AQ: Iva and Andy busy singing, Bob enjoying Simon's playing!

AQ: A smiling rock star! Those were the days!

AQ: Andy, Simon and Iva holding a perfect formation!

AQ: Iva rocks out!

AQ: Iva lets his guitar do the talking!

AQ: Nice moody lighting! You can't appreciate that when you're actually on the stage! You either get blinded or can't see what you're doing!

AQ: Bob concentrating on doing whatever it takes to let loose another of his unique sounds from the guitar!

AQ: Listen up! Iva has something important to tell you!

AQ: Iva teaching the audience how to clap in time! Clap-along-a-Iva!

AQ: Andy in his element!

AQ: Profiles in a rosy glow - Iva & Paul coincidentally striking the same exact pose!

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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