To sleep, perchance to dream

AQ: So much fun catching Simon unawares in an embarrassing situation, although he's actually looking more "normal" than usual! What, no funny hat & weird costume this time?

AQ: Simon acting on his new motto: "Live Fast!" Can you imagine what he was like when he lived slow?

AQ: This looks like Simon (or it may be a roadie) sleeping on the equipment cases, but in fact he (or the roadie) was concentrating on assimilating the information from the floppy disc on his forehead into his brain!

AQ: Iva, Bob, and Simon backstage, getting pumped up ready for the gig!

AQ: Yet another flight! The other children are still playing, but Iva is already having his nap like a good boy!

AQ: A visual recreation of what Iva is dreaming about! (Shouldn't have eaten that cheese before going to sleep!)

Photos © Andy Qunta Collection

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