Updated 21 February 1999

A Mini-Update

Hello everyone! We thought we’d pass along a few items that we have learned from Iva. Let’s talk about his first public appearance in quite a while! Iva, along with several other celebrities, played tennis for the Starlight Foundation on December 6th, 1998. This tennis tournament was a benefit for the foundation and provided an afternoon of fun for all involved! Twenty tennis pros were paired up with twenty celebrities. Iva fell into the “celebrities” column as he told us he had not played tennis for a year or two... or ten...

Some exciting news Iva told us concerned a song he recently recorded. During the week of December 6th-12th, Iva went into a studio in Sydney to work on this song and he brought along the full Australian Chamber Orchestra! The early word on this song is that it is something special and we’re sure the inclusion of the orchestra will only add to that!

Iva’s management team has played some of the new music for several record company executives. All of the responses have been very positive, which is a very good sign for Iva and Icehouse! Let’s all hope that 1999 will present Iva with an overseas recording contract!

More news to follow soon!

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