Updated 15 July 2002

Iva has some great news to announce!

I'm very pleased to be able to announce that on last Friday 12th the agreement with Warner Music was finally signed. It has been some time in negotiation (as you may have noticed!) but promises to be worth every minute of the time it has taken. The team at Warners are already well into the production of a number of extremely exciting projects and are a very committed and enthusiastic group of people to be working with.

I will be able to provide more detail on some of these projects in the coming weeks.

You have already been very patient and I apologise for the delays up to this point.

This is one reason I am so pleased to be able to relay this news to you.

The ink is dry and we are now 'officially' well under way.

best regards,
Iva D

Congratulations to Iva from the staff of Spellbound, and many wishes for great success with this new partnership!

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