Updated 15 August 2000

On 15 August 2000, Iva unveiled "Circles in the Sky" at the Press Launch of the Olympic Live Sites.  Here's what Iva had to say about it before the event:

A song of mine called "Circles in the Sky" which was written during the course of work for the new album has been selected by the Olympic Co-ordination Authority as the theme for the Olympic Live sites during the celebration of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

During the course of writing this song I felt that it would benefit from the use of a real string orchestra and in order to achieve this end approached Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.  Happily they agreed to participate in the recording and so I composed a full orchestral score (I also wrote some solo violin parts for Richard who is recognised as one of the world's leading virtuoso's on his instrument).  In order to check my orchestration I engaged the services of Christopher Gordon, who is a specialist in this area.

This alliance was, believe it or not, the seed from which the project of "The Ghost of Time" sprang.

The song was not written with the Olympics in mind at all. I wrote it while my family was away on holiday and I was alone in the house for 10 days. It was, in part, inspired by an observation about my children's drawings and paintings. I noted that there seem to be at least 2 common elements in all children's pictures viz. 1) They will almost invariably include a 'sun' or a 'moon' in the sky and 2) children have a complete lack of fear in the use of colour and do so with such dramatic abandon that their approach to colour is often envied by adult artists.

This is where I started...

Having virtually finished the song (certainly I could hear the whole thing and all the lyrics were complete) the penny suddenly dropped that it was the sort of song which had such broad terms of reference that it would be perfect for the Olympics without the need of compromising its wider meaning.

It was on that day that Craig Peacock happened to be visiting Australia and he was due to visit me at my studio.  We went to lunch from there and it was during the course of that lunch that I alluded to the fact that something remarkable had just 'fallen into my lap'.

I also realised that I needed a lot of voices for the song and so, to that end, approached a number of great singers to assist with backing vocals. As a result the song contains additional backing vocals from Christine Anu, Wendy Matthews, Mark Williams, Annie Crumer (who was in 'Rent' with Christine), and Ian Moss.

"Circles in the Sky" will have its debut airing on Tuesday 15th of August with a live performance in Martin Place, Sydney at 1.30 pm featuring myself, Richard Tognetti, Paul Wheeler, Steve Bull, Paul Gildea and Naomi and Juanita (2 female backing vocalists).

This performance will be the accompaniment to the Press Launch of the Olympic Live Sites and the launch of this song as the theme.

Although 500 copies of the song will be presented to the press corps with their press kits there will initially be  some copies of it for sale.

This CD will contain just this one track and it will be an extremely limited edition.  There are loose plans to possibly produce a more comprehensive CD with a number of versions or tracks.  I am currently experimenting with these.

On Thursday evening of September 14th the Olympic torch will arrive at Sydney Town Hall.  This will be welcomed by the Mayor and dignitaries. Proceedings will then move to the Domain where at 8.30 pm, to an estimated crowd of 40,000 and a possible telecast, a live performance of "Circles in the Sky" will launch the Live sites.  The song will accompany the City Lights Spectacular which will incorporate the whole of the inner city and the Harbour Bridge etc. The design of the lighting spectacular has been choreographed to the song. The city will be equipped with viewing screens of the Domain performance (similar to The Millennium Eve) and it is estimated that there will be 1.5 million people in the Central Business district of Sydney covered by the screens.

I hope that some of you will be able to support the performances and the song ... I am very proud of it and all the people who assisted in giving it this opportunity.

P.S. If you're watching the Opening Ceremony on TV on the 15th of September and you  happen to note the choreography of the assembled masses incorporates a "Mexican Wave" style gesture which is 'Circular' in nature ..... the idea was stolen from me!!  They probably won't do it .... but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I'll be watching for it!  (Now how do I get royalties for that!!)

According to Iva, the launch went well.  There will possibly be some mention on Channel 7 (Entertainment Tonight?), Channel 10, The Daily Telegraph (small article in today's issue). Iva also did an interview with City Weekly (free CBD paper) and a few others.  We're sure there will be much more in the press about this between now and the opening of the Games, so keep on the lookout!

Some basic information about the Olympic Live Sites can be found at the Leisure & Tourism Link.

Iva has provided the lyrics to the new song:

we draw the circles
draw the circles in the sky
they roll and roll,
they're rolling

we paint with the colours
of the rainbows in our minds
they shine and shine,
they're shining

we're wishing that all
that all wishes would come true
but love is all,
it's all we're given

they come to life
we make them spin,
we make them fly
we turn them round,
we draw the circles in the sky

we ask why the heavens
sometimes smile,
they sometimes cry
but after all,
we're only guessing

and we are drifting
drifting far above those clouds
they roll and roll,
and we are passing

they come to life
we make them spin,
we make them fly
we turn them round,
we draw the circles in the sky
they come to life
we make them spin,
we make them fly
we turn them round,
we draw the circles in the sky

we draws the circles,
draw the circles in the sky

they roll & roll

© DIVA 2000

It has been announced that a CD single will be available 11 September 2000, released on the Warner/DIVA label (catalogue #8573849462).  So if you're in Australia, hound your local record shops to order in some copies and call your local radio stations to request "Circles in the Sky"!  Overseas fans may be able to purchase copies from Internet music services.

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