Updated 17 December 2001

With the events of September 11th, the Icehouse fan community came together with thoughts and prayers for the victims of the tragic events. Iva expressed his own shock and sent good wishes out to those affected. It was a wonderful thing to see Icehouse fans from all over the world band together to send out messages of condolence and hope. If you'd like to become a part of the Icehouse mailing list community, please send an email to icehouse-list-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, and leave the subject and message fields empty.

October 3rd saw Iva and his wife, Tonia, walking up the red carpet to the 15th annual ARIA music awards. Local news cameras caught the Davies as they arrived at the event. Fans can view a photo of Tonia and Iva on the red carpet at Newspix. Search for Iva Davies and several pictures will turn up, including this photo.

The Basement, a live, Internet only music station, released a DVD in November. The highlight of the DVD is Iva, playing a lovely version of "Great Southern Land" in the Basement's studio. Other artists appearing on the DVD are Jimmy Barnes, Richard Clapton, James Morrison, and more. The DVD is coded for all regions, but is in the PAL format. Your DVD player and television must be able to play PAL DVDs for you to view this performance. For more information, please go to The Basement. Also, just in time for Christmas, this same collection of performances has been released on CD and is the Basement's CD of the month for December! Here's a picture of Iva taken during his appearance in the Basement's studios.

A new television program called "Home" has started screening on the Lifestyle channel in Australia. On December 5th, the program featured a tour of Iva's home and studio. Iva was the tour conductor and the viewer was given a look at Iva's fabulous home studio, as well as his beautiful home. Those ocean views…

Iva also sang backing vocals and played keyboards on "Heart of Darkness" for the American pop group Eye Talk latest release. Here is the press release regarding Eye Talk's upcoming CD:

The American pop music group Eye Talk unveiled their new website. The site contains their catalog of previously released CDs, unreleased collection CDs, photos, links, interviews, press releases, and online ordering. The site also contains rare, never before seen pictures and recordings that date back to early 1990.

Their upcoming CD Phoenix is due out in February 2002. This new CD has a few surprises in store for their fans. There will be special guest performances by international recording artists Steve Jansen (Japan, Rain Tree Crow, David Sylvian, and JBK), Iva Davies (Icehouse), Jerry Donato (Stevie Nicks), and samples provided by David Sylvian, Bill Nelson, and John Serrie. Prerelease MP3s of the new material are available exclusively in the discography section of the Eye Talk website.

Eye Talk's core members, brothers Alan and Bob Clark, have been an independent live and recording unit for more than a decade.

After the New Year, we should see a project on which Iva has been working very hard come to fruition. He has painstakingly remastered the Icehouse back catalog. Each Icehouse album will retain its original format in terms of track listing. However, the booklets that come with each CD will be expanded, featuring artwork, photos, and other items that have not been previously seen by the fans of Icehouse. There are also plans to release a rarities collection that will be all-inclusive. That is something many Icehouse fans are looking forward to with much anticipation!

The album of original songs that Iva has been working on, now titled Bipolar Poems, still does not have a release date. As we informed Spellbound readers a few months back, the official Iva Davies/Icehouse web site premiered a new song by Iva called "The Lazarus." Well, just in time for Christmas, Iva is about to unveil another new track! Please direct your browser towards www.icehouse-iva.com to hear this latest brilliant piece of music by Iva Davies! The official site has also made available two radio interviews with Iva.

Iva Davies fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming New Year!

Finally, on behalf of us here at Spellbound and Iva, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season and a bright, safe 2002!

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