Listen! If you listen you will hear… THREE NEW LIVE FLOWERS TRACKS! FREE!!!

As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Icehouse, Spellbound has been exclusively given three rare tracks to share with the fans! We encourage you to pass the word along to friends and others who might love the music and the band!

These tracks were recorded at AAV Studios in Melbourne within weeks of the Icehouse album being completed, and have never before been made available. Iva found these among other recordings while researching material for the 30th Anniversary Edition repackaging of Icehouse. While other versions will be used as part of the live disc to be included in the Edition, Iva liked these versions as well and wanted to get them in the hands of music lovers... so here they are!! (Due to changes of record company and other Icehouse related adventures, we're being told that the Anniversary Edition will now not be available until 2011. Rest assured we'll let YOU know when WE know!)

"Fatman," "Nothing To Do," and "Not My Kind" are now available for download here on the Spellbound web site. If you haven't done so already, please send us an email with your contact details:
State (or other applicable information)
Email address

We will then send you a user name and password which will be needed to download the live Flowers tracks. If you are recommending the songs to friends, please have them email us. We're trying to expand the Icehouse community, so please tell LOTS of friends!

Thanks to the Icehouse team for providing these fantastic live tracks to the fans! And we look forward to your comments!

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