26 December 2009

A belated Christmas present! The Golden Stave site has finally posted photos from the lucheon on 26 June! There are several nice snaps of ID. The first picture of him is on the second page of photos. Happy viewing!

12 December 2009

Here are a couple of videos from the media launch of "The 80s Are Back" exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum:

10 December 2009

From bigpondnews.com:

Eighties music showcased in exhibition

While it's music and fashion is experiencing a revival, the 'daggy' decade of the 80s has made it's official comeback at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.
'The 80s Are Back', a new exhibition opening at the museum on saturday, celebrates popular culture and Australian life in the colourful era, complete with big hair and fluoro colours.
It features more than 800 objects and interactive exhibits including the Sony Walkman, power dressing, fluoro dance parties, the AIDS crisis and the Atari game console.
The entrance title wall itself is constructed from more than 1,100 Rubic cubes.
Exhibition lead curator Peter Cox said the exhibition was a tribute to a formative time for a generation.
'It was a colourful, creative, fun time,' Mr Cox told reporters at the exhibition's launch on Thursday.
'Big changes in music production and the arrival of the personal computer really shaped society and still influences today."Whatever you say about the 80s, it wasn't boring.'
Mr Cox also hopes the current revival of 80s influenced music and fashion will help attract a wider audience, especially generation Y, to the exhibition.
'A 20-year-old walking off the street will be able to understand where the bands they're listening to, like the Presets or Cut Copy, got their inspiration,' he said.
'Young people are enjoying the 80s retro revival but do they appreciate the effect the 80s have had? I'm not sure.'
Iva Davies, the singer/songwriter from Australian band Icehouse, said he was shocked to learn his 15-year-old daughter loved 'everything about the 80s' but believed she probably represented the rest of her generation.
'Bands like Jet, Eskimo Joe heavily borrow from the decade, because there was just a lot of really good music around,' Davies said.
'It was the first major period of Australian music making a mark on an international level.
'Bands like INXS, Midnight Oil and Crowded House were taking Aussie music to the world.'
Known as 'the godfather of Australian electronic music' Davies is particularly pleased to see the the inclusion in the exhibition of the Prophet 5 - an early synthesiser that epitomised the connection between creative energy and emerging technology.
'At the time there were synthesisers but the major limitation was you could only play one note at a time,' Davies said.
'Then the Prophet 5 came around and you could play five notes at a time - we were mesmerised at the possibility.
'I composed Great Southern Land based on one chord I played on that thing.
'(The 80s) were an explosion of ideas and energy amongst musicians, artists and in fashion.'
However, Mr Cox and Davies' personal favourites are the various outfits worn by Kylie Minogue.
'Everyone has got to check out Kylie's overalls she wore playing a mechanic on Neighbours,' Mr Cox said.
The exhibition will run for 12 months at the Powerhouse Museum.

9 October 2009

Sound Relief DVD released today! Icehouse's complete performance is included as part of the Sydney portion. More information can be found at the Liberation site.


Saturday 7 February 2009 will Forever be known as Black Saturday.

On this day the worst bushfires in the history of Australia caused devastation across Victoria like never seen before. The effect this
terrible tragedy had was felt not only here, but worldwide. Almost simultaneously Queensland was undergoing its own tragedy,
with the state experiencing widespread flooding.

In response to our nation's greatest ever natural disasters, Australia's music community, along with some of the biggest music names
internationally, banded together for two stadium benefit concerts that ran simultaneously in both Melbourne and Sydney under the
unified banner Sound Relief.

The final result of over $8 million raised is an achievement that everyone should be proud of. It is fitting that such a tremendous
event can be immortalised on dvd and the generosity of the artists involved must again be acknowledged and commended. Thanks
should also be given to all the individuals and companies that contributed their time and resources to make Sound Relief such a
resounding success.

There is little doubt in my mind that Sound Relief will long remain one of the most significant events in Australia's rich music history.

On behalf of everyone involved I hope you enjoy Sound Relief as much as the organisers, artists and everyone that worked on it.

I will never forget it.

On behalf of the organisers of Sound Relief

26 September 2009

From the Manly Daily:


The air was buzzing at St Luke's Grammar School, Dee Why, as the day of the "Spring Fair" arrived. On Saturday 26 September the whole School and broader community joined together for a HUGE day of fun.

An extensive team of parents worked tirelessly over the last few months to put together an `event to remember'. The School grounds were transformed into an amusement park, with rides,international food court stalls, hoopla stalls and amazing entertainment.

Acts that performed included student rock bands (with Iva Davies as MC), a teachers' country R&B band, American-style cheerleading performances, hip hop dance troupes and much more.

St Luke's is proud to have hosted such a successful event, in which current School families and the local community were able to participate in an exciting and fun-filled day for the whole family.

Joe Skinner (Keyboard, Lead Vocals) Evan Davies (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Iva Davies, Josh Marks (Drums) Not Pictured: Remy Tarasin (Guitar)

27 July 2009

From the July issue of Pipeline, a Salvation Army publication, this photo was taken in May at the official launch of the Red Shield Appeal in Sydney.

Red Shield Appeal 2009

A number of celebrities were present at the launch and are pictured with Salvation Army officers and Communications Department staff. From left are Mick Doohan, Major Paul Kinder, Alex Robinson, Brant Webb, Major Philip Maxwell, Adriana Guthrie, Captain Peter McGuigan, Iva Davies and Todd Russell. Photo by Adam Hollingworth.

1 July 2009

Guy Pratt will be touring Australia next month. One stop will be in Adelaide.

The Adelaide Advertiser, 30.06.2009

Guy Pratt is getting down to the nitty gritty in his Spoken Word show, Breakfast of Idiots, in Adelaide next month. Guy has been the bass player of choice for many of the world's finest and loved musicians, joining the premier league when David Gilmour asked him to play with Pink Floyd. He tells Confidential he'd rather share his stories while he's still got his mojo than end up as the weirdo who can't stop talking about the old days.

"It's more a case of not ending up as that bloke down the pub who everyone says `Oh don't get him started '," he says. "And actually doing something with my font of mad stories. Mostly, I'm the one that ends up looking silly anyway."

With a list of recording projects that include releases by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Womack and Womack, The Pretenders, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sir Elton John, Natalie Imbruglia and more, it's no wonder he can put together a show simply with stories from his life. But he's not giving away too much before the show.

"Well I'm hardly going to tell you (the goss) now," he says. "There are two (juicy stories) and they're both in the show, so you have to come along and find out."

But, really, how does he get away with all the goss? "I'm not really that vicious, and it's pretty clear who I'm worried about working, or even having dinner, with again. David Gilmour always berates me for not going far enough!" he says.

You might know Guy better from his days with Iva Davies in the Aussie band Icehouse. "I'm hardly going to start having a dig at Iva on his home turf," he says. "He's still a good mate after all . . . and I'm from the UK so no Aussie-bashing in this show!"

Check it out at The Gov on July 15.

29 June 2009

Here’s a fantastic photo of Iva that was taken at the 2009 Golden Stave Charity Luncheon, courtesy of The Daily Telegraph and news.com.au.

27 June 2009

Golden Stave AwardThe 2009 Golden Stave Charity Luncheon was held at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on Friday, June 26th. Iva was in attendance and for a very good reason! ID was awarded the 2009 Golden Stave Award! It was presented to him by Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia. It is in recognition of his service to the music industry and to the community.

We're sure all of you will join us in saying, "Congratulations, Iva! Well done!"








7 June 2009

Check out Spellbound's new Facebook page for Iva Davies & Icehouse! We hope everyone reading this will become a fan and contribute to making the page another great resource for all things Icehouse!

6 June 2009

Another long-time friend of Spellbound, Wil Manning, contributed these great photos. Thanks, Wil! We appreciate it!

Wil adds to Dags' review of the show:

Icehouse came on last and were given a great build up. The crowd loved the performance and there was a huge noise for an encore after GSL, Electric Blue & We can Get Together. I too heard a lot of people talking about Iva & Icehouse after the show... One group of very excited women saying "he's still got it!" ...which of course we all already knew! :)

The sound was brilliant and Iva's vocals clear and strong. Well worth the money to go along and definitely the best act on all night by a mile. We Can Get Together live in 2009 is as fresh as when the song was new 30 years ago!

4 June 2009

Spellbound's good friend Darren McKinty (Dags) attended the Heart of St Kilda concert, and had this to say:

Track listing:
Great Southern Land
Electric Blue
We Can Get Together
Can't Help Myself

Paul Gildea
Paul Wheeler
Some bloke singing lead vocals ;)
Steve Morgan back on bass
and forgive me but I have forgotten the name of the guy who was paying Keys/Sax. I believe he was a friend of Paul Gildea's. I spotted him leaving the venue soon after the show finished.

Under strict 'pain of death for failing in your mission' instructions from Kristin & Cheryl, my friend & I managed to pop backstage (thanks Larry) and got a couple of pics of the gang. We only had my crappy phone camera as we knew that all bags would be searched so we didn't bother taking the SLR.

Was fantastic seeing the guys perform again. Watching them on a video screen at the MCG while they play in Sydney just isn't the same. It was my friend's first Icehouse gig (where has she been all these years?) and she was very impressed. Iva was apparently getting over a flu - he assures me it isn't swine flu - but there was certainly no lack of energy on stage.

And I overheard quite a few people saying after the show that they loved seeing Icehouse. Awesome gig, guys!

Now, for those photos - crappy phone camera or not - we're extremely glad to have them! Thanks for sharing, Dags!






22 May 2009

Happy Birthday, Iva!

Iva will again be donating his time to the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal today. Nice way to spend a birthday!

"I often see the Salvation Army in my local area and it's important to donate to this vital cause. Please consider doing something more for the less fortunate. There's such a big hidden need out there. The Salvation Army is able to transform lives through the work that it does in communities and on the street. The Salvos want to do more and by supporting Red Shield you can help them."
--Iva Davies

13 May 2009

Sacred Heart Mission

Every day hundreds of people who are homeless or living in poverty, come to the Sacred Heart Mission (SHM) in St Kilda seeking food, shelter, care and support. But that’s just the beginning. SHM works with people to overcome challenging issues and reconnect them with the community. Sometimes this can take years, but the Mission is there each step of the way.

Our services include a free, hot lunch to 600 people every day of the year, housing assistance, counselling, food parcels, emergency financial support and drug and alcohol support. The Mission also operates a clinic, sports and recreation program, mental health unit, three aged care hostels, crisis accommodation for women, three Op shops and a 64-bed rooming house. But we need your support. For more information regarding Sacred Heart Mission, visit www.sacredheartmission.org

Cameron Adams discovers Icehouse is warming-up for a new gig.
no promises

Icehouse have reformed. Briefly.

The band will play at this year's Sacred Heart Mission's star-studded Heart of St Kilda Concert at the Palais on June 4.

The event - also featuring Kate Ceberano, Tim Rogers, Mark Seymour and comedians Dave Hughes and Mick Molloy - aims to raise $100,000 to fund Sacred Heart Mission's meal service and other community work.

"I'm increasingly involved with charity work," Davies told Rock City this week.

"At this stage in my life I get a lot of pleasure to find myself in the position in society where I can contribute to these things, it's very grounding work."

It follows Icehouse reuniting for the Sydney leg of the Sound Relief concert - Davies was the first artist to sign onto the event.

"It was a very nerve-wracking night for me in front of near on 50,000 people after 15 years abscence," Davies says. "But it was very exciting."

The well-received Sound Relief performance fuelled an array of reformation rumour.

Davies is quick to deny them - saying the Sacred Heart show is a one-off favour for a friend.

"There's been an awful lot of talk but the practical reality is that I'm a long way off being match fit enough to do anything more substantial than small appearances," Davies says.

"One of the reasons we haven't even contemplated a full-scale tour was because we never did anything by halves. I wouldn't entertain the idea of doing anything unless it was up to the standard we had previously presented.

"There's been any number of offers, until such time that I really think I'm capable of undertaking a full-scale tour - and at the moment I just wouldn't be physically up to it - those disucssions are academic. We can't avoid the fact we're all middle aged men!"

Pushed, Davies - who turns 54 this month - admits Sound Relief opened his eyes to the ongoing influence of Icehouse.

"It certainly did take me by surprise. It's something I never really fully process, the way in which the songs have filtered through to another generation."

Davies was in Melbourne recently to help out Jet's Nic Cester at Earth Hour. Cester covered Icehouse's 1980 classic We Can Get Together but needed the song's author after realising how wordy the song was.

"I know what he means," Davies says. "I got the words to Electric Blue wrong in Sound Relief and I wrote them!

"But I met Nic at Sound Relief, he got up with Katy from Little Birdy and Kav from Eskimo Joe on Great Southern Land.

"I'm a huge Jet fan, so I got to play with him and Chris Cheney from the Living End. He's an unbelievable guitarist. It was great fun for me to let these guys know i've been watching what they do and I admire their work."

Sound Relief gave Davies the chance to play for his daughter Brynn (15) and son Evan (12) for the first time.

"That was a highlight for me. If they never see us play again at least they've seen us play once."

The verdict from his kids? "A teenage muted thumbs up."

Evan Davies has just started his own covers band.

"They play everything from U2 to Coldplay. They've just started by theyr'e a great little unit."

Icehouse began as Flowers, a covers band, before writing originals. However Iva's son's band are currently free of Icehouse covers.

"I think I'd forbid that," Davies notes.

Heart of St Kilda concert, Palais, June 4. $69, Ticketmaster.

2 May 2009

Cure for Life Foundation - Unmask The Cure Gala Ball

Cure For Life Foundation™ (CFLF) is devoted to saving lives of people suffering from brain tumours, through advances in research and education in neurosurgery.

The Cure For Life Foundation™ was established by the world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Charles Teo to help fund advancements in the treatment of brain cancer, hopefully one day leading to a cure.

Jean Kittson will host the Cure for Life Foundation Unmask The Cure Gala Ball at the Hordern Pavilion, with special guests new Australian Leo Sayer, Iva Davies and the Party Boys.

The ball will also feature Screaming Jets band members David Gleeson and Scott Kingman, Mondo Rock's Paul Christie and Powderfinger's Lachlan Doley.

To help raise even more funds for the Cure For Life Foundation, you can purchase your evening masquerade mask from the charity.

The Unmask The Cure Gala Ball is on 2 May.

31 March 2009

Iva provided this photo of himself, Chris Cheney (The Living End) and Nic Cester (Jet). It was taken backstage after the Earth Hour concert.

29 March 2009

Comment from Iva regarding the Earth Hour Concert:

Played "We Can Get Together" with Nic Cestor (Jet) and it was he who invited me to come down to do it. I then joined Chris Cheney (The Living End) and Nic playing Nic's guitar for the Beatles' "Revolution" which closed the night. We ended up in a club until the wee hours of Sunday morning, a very fun experience all round.

Excerpt from Earth Hour Concert @ Federation Square, Melbourne, by lukey26, fasterlouder.com.au:

Fresh from recording his third album, Jet’s Nic Cestor was next to take to the stage, and he had a very special guest with him, all the way from Sydney. Living legend, and lead singer of Australian band Icehouse Iva Davies joined the young rocker performing a one song set.


28 March 2009

Earth Hour Concert - Melbourne

Iva will be performing Saturday night March 28th in at the Earth Hour Concert in Federation Square in Melbourne as part of a supergroup made up of members of Jet, Living End, Spiderbait and more. The concert is free and is set to start at 6:30 pm.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness.

In 2009, Earth Hour is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote.

More information can be found at the websites for Earth Hour and Future Spark.

16 March 2009

Icehouse was the first artist to sign up for Sound Relief, within 10 minutes of the first conversation about the project. Spellbound had a chat with Iva regarding the events surrounding Sound Relief. Here's what he shared with us:

The band gathered for a three hour rehearsal on Friday. Some of their equipment didn't arrive on time for the rehearsal which cut the three hour period down to an hour and a half. At 5pm on Friday they had a sound check at the SCG and that went well.

They arrived at the venue at 5:30pm on Saturday. Iva was joined by his daughter, Brynn and his son, Evan. There was an interview with Music Max as well as a photo shoot with the band.

Keith Welsh offered his services to the band in a managerial capacity. He handled all of the arrangements for the band and kept tabs on everything. Iva described this as a "labour of love" for Keith and said he was just "fantastic." Go Keith!

It is also worth noting that Larry Ponting was heavily involved with the operations for the concert in Melbourne at the MCG. He also put together the Icehouse crew and lighting engineer. ID also noted that Larry was responsible for overseeing the onscreen light show which accompanied the band. Larry is a long time friend of Iva's and also a former Icehouse tour manager.

Throughout the time at the venue Iva met some of the other acts involved. He met some of the members of Jett, Eskimo Joe and the Presets. Brynn and Evan got autographs from the Presets, which are current faves of theirs.

There were a few nerve-wracking moments. Iva's guitar wasn't working properly but he was able to get it fixed before the band started the performance of "Crazy". Otherwise, that would have been something of a disaster!

The rain came down in buckets during the Presets set. The stage ended up being quite wet and slippery. Icehouse was moved back deeper into the stage to avoid some of the wetter parts towards the front of the stage. Iva said he still was very careful as to where he put his feet!

Simon Leadley played his part as the tech manager for Icehouse's set. He was also moved from place to place due to the wet conditions.

Icehouse were joined on stage by Nic from Jett on guitar, Katty from Little Birdie and Cav from Eskimo Joe. William Barton was the didgeridoo player. This had been pre-arranged with Keith Welsh and ID said it was very generous of them to join the band for "Great Southern Land."

ID said he could hear the audience singing along with "Can't Help Myself" and thought that was great!

Once it was all over he and the band were very pleased with how it all turned out. It was a great night for all! He did have a word with Evan to see how he felt about the show. He asked Evan if he had a good time and Evan said "what do you think?!" Needless to say, Evan was mighty impressed with the show!

Judging by all the great comments from fans and press alike it seems that everyone is joining Evan in his sentiments!

14 March 2009

Icehouse played the following songs at Sound Relief:
We Can Get Together (video)
Crazy (video)
Electric Blue (video)
Can't Help Myself (video)
Great Southern Land (video)
BIG thanks to justagirlinmelbourne for posting the videos!

Artists played during the triple j broadcast:
FARNPLAY - "You're The Voice" (video)
ICEHOUSE (We Can Get Together, Great Southern Land)

13 March 2009

From triple j:

triple j will be broadcasting both Sound Relief concerts this Saturday 14th March from midday until late in the night. We’ll be crossing between both the MCG and the SCG concerts, so you’ll hear the best bits from:


Icehouse's currently scheduled set time of 8:50 pm in Sydney translates to 5:50 am on the East Coast of the U.S.

10 March 2009

Below are the Sound Relief set times from the MySpace blog (times and order are a guide only, and subject to change without notice).


11:00AM Gates
12:15PM Coldplay
1:00PM Wolfmother
1:45PM Hoodoo Gurus
2:30PM Little Birdy
3:05PM Architecture In Helsinki
3:40PM You Am I
4:25PM Josh Pyke
4:55PM Marcia Hines (Special Performance)
5:30PM Taylor Swift
6:15PM Eskimo Joe
7:05PM Jet
7:45PM Special Announcement & Minute’s Silence
8:00PM The Presets
8:50PM Icehouse
9:40PM Barry Gibb
10.30PM Finish

10:00AM Gates
12:10PM Jet
12:55PM Gabriella Cilmi
1:40PM Kings Of Leon
2:20PM Paul Kelly
3:05PM Augie March
3:50PM Bliss N Eso with Paris Wells
4:35PM Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson with Troy Cassar-Daley
5:30PM Liam Finn
6:20PM Jack Johnson
7:00PM Wolfmother
7:45PM Special Announcement & Minutes Silence
8:00PM Hunters & Collectors
8:55PM Split Enz
9:50PM Midnight Oil
10.30PM Finish

9 March 2009

Sound Relief Live on Channel [V] & MAX

Channel [V] and MAX will be exclusivley broadcasting the SOUND RELIEF concerts LIVE from the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and the Sydney Cricket ground (SCG) this coming Saturday. This will be the only appearance of this performance on TV, and there will be no repeats.

If you've missed out on tickets (Melbourne has already sold out), or can't make it to Sydney then make sure you tune your TV in to MAX on the day.

[V]J’s Jane Gazzo, Danny Clayton and Renee Bargh will host the LIVE TV broadcast from the MCG on Channel [V], whilst MAX will show the Sydney show (at the SCG), to be hosted by Yumi Stynes and Chit Chat .

The telecast will commence simultaneously at 12 noon on Saturday 14th March.

NEWS FLASH: Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees will be backed by a band including Jon Farriss from INXS on drums, for sat night Sydney Sound Relief.

More information:
Channel [V]

Also, Iva's rendition of the Easybeats' "Sad and Lonely and Blue" was heard at the end of an episode of the Australian TV show Underbelly.

6 March 2009

Excerpt from Bands to bring Sound Relief, Sydney Morning Herald

Icehouse frontman Iva Davies, whose band hasn't played since 1994, says he was overwhelmed when he first heard about the devastation caused by the nation's worst natural disaster. "It was such a phenomenally powerful force of nature, it was beyond any comprehension," he says, adding that his father was a forester for 42 years and his family grew up with the threat of bushfires in the Riverina.

"We wanted to help in any way we could. I think there are lessons we can all learn about coexisting with nature in this unique environment we live in."

4 March 2009

Tickets went onsale today from Ticketek 132 849 for the two Sound Relief concerts, and those tickets are going quickly! That's great news for the two worthy causes that will benefit from the money raised by these concerts.

100% of the proceeds from the Melbourne concert will be donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

50% of the proceeds from the Sydney concert will be donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal and the other 50% will be donated to The Premier's Disaster Relief Fund Appeal in QLD to aid the victims of the Queensland floods.

Sound Relief also has a MySpace site.

1 March 2009

KOFM 102.9 in Newcastle interviewed Iva regarding the Sound Relief concert. Have a listen!

24 February 2009

Iva will be on Sunrise this morning at 7:50am on Channel 7.

24 February 2009

11th Annual Nordoff-Robbins Music Trivia Night

The 11th Annual Nordoff-Robbins Music and Entertainment Trivia Night will be held on Thursday 26 March 2009 at an exciting new venue - the Kirribilli Club. This popular event has been a complete sell-out for the past few years so make sure you get in quick.

Quizmasters include Kirk Pengilly, Iva Davies, Mark Gable and Melinda Schneider.

Photo: 2008 quizmasters Glenn A Baker, Mark Gable, Iva Davies, Jimmy Barnes, Jenny Morris, Melinda Schneider, Mark Lizotte, Peter Hebbes.

23 February 2009

Minister for rock: Garrett reforms Oils for fire benefit, AAP, Sydney Morning Herald

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett will return to his musical roots to play a huge benefit concert in Melbourne next month for victims of the Victorian bushfires. Mr Garrett will reform with his band Midnight Oil for the concert at the MCG on March 14. Iconic Australian band Hunters And Collectors will play together at the Melbourne event - the first time since 1998. International act Kings Of Leon are also on the Melbourne bill as is Jack Johnson.

Another concert, which will also benefit victims of the bushfires as well as the Queensland floods, will occur simultaneously at the SCG. The Sydney concert will feature an acoustic set by international act Coldplay as well as Josh Pyke, Eskimo Joe, The Hoodoo Gurus, Jet, Wolfmother and Icehouse.

Iva has confirmed for us that Icehouse are indeed scheduled to perform at the Sound Relief concert in Sydney. It will be a short set with the band consisting of Paul Gildea, Paul Wheeler, Glen Reither and Steve Bull. Please keep in mind that this is a project in flux and details are subject to change.

14 February 2009

Iva played an acoustic version of GSL on 774 ABC radio national in support of the bushfire appeal today.

12 February 2009

"Great Southern Land" is one of 35 tracks on this 2 CD set for a worthy cause.

BUSHFIRE AID - Artists for The Bushfire Appeal
SYDNEY, 12 February 2009 - Sony Music Entertainment Australia is pleased to support the fundraising for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal through the release of a special benefit compilation CD 'BUSHFIRE AID - Artists for the Bushfire Appeal'.

Australian and international artists have immediately jumped to the cause and generously donated their songs and royalties to help the appeal. BUSHFIRE AID - Artists For The Bushfire Appeal features 35 artists on 2 CDs such as Midnight Oil, Hoodoo Gurus, John Farnham, Delta Goodrem, Jessica Mauboy, John Butler Trio and Wes Carr, together with international artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.

BUSHFIRE AID - Artists For The Bushfire Appeal was officially launched during the Nine Network telethon 'Australia Unites - The Victorian Bushfire Appeal', which aired on Thursday 12 February nationally.

Sony Music proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to the Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal through the charitable arm of the Australian Sony Group of Companies, The Sony Foundation.

Denis Handlin AM, Chairman & CEO, Australia & New Zealand, Sony Music Entertainment said:

"Sony Music Australia is privileged to support the Victorian Bushfire Appeal through this special CD."

"Our thanks go to all of the artists and songwriters for generously donating their tracks royalty free. We also thank Sony DADC Australia for kindly donating the CD manufacturing."

"I know everyone in Australia shares deep concern for this tragedy, its horrific toll on life, families, communities and wildlife. On behalf of Sony Music and the Sony Foundation, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, and our immense gratitude goes to all the emergency service people and volunteers who have so generously given in this time of need."

BUSHFIRE AID - Artists For The Bushfire Appeal is in stores now.

26 January 2009

Here's S.A.M.'s transcription of the Jono & Dano interview:

Jono and Dano's return to the airwaves kicked off in fine style...first with a Minister for a guest, closely followed by an Ambassador!!

Their first guest was Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts (and former frontman for Midnight Oil), Peter Garrett.

After speaking with Mr G, and playing an Oils song, they then played "Great Southern Land" and chatted with Iva.

Iva talked about the experience of being an Ambassador. He mentioned one of the best things about the role was taking part in the Citizenship Ceremonies. At one such Ceremony, he related that there were people from around 100 different countries taking part!

Aside from mentioning that being an Ambassador was his way of being Peter Garrett for a day!!....Iva also told a humourous anecdote about one particular experience as an Australia Day Ambassador. He spoke of the time he attended one of the smaller Australia Day gatherings. There were around 20 or so people there.

One young boy approached Iva and asked "Are you an Ambassador?"

When Iva replied yes, the young lad responded excitedly...

"So, where's your limo?"

23 January 2009

Iva is doing a short interview for Australia Day that will be aired next Sunday morning at 7am on Sky News.

22 January 2009

Excerpts from an article in The Daily Telegraph, Sydney:

THIS year is the 20th anniversary of the Australia Day ambassador program, where high-achieving Australians are guests at community celebrations. In 2009 more than 160 ambassadors from all walks of life will visit local councils and take part in their activities.

Iva explains what he think makes Australia unique...

"It is the diversity. The enormous number of different countries represented in Australia result in a combination that produces such an amazing variety."
- Iva Davies - Ambassador for Warringah Council - Dee Why

20 January 2009

The Jono & Dano Show

Jono & Dano hit the airwaves this Australia Day with a host of homegrown heroes.

Jonathan ‘Jono’ Coleman and Ian ‘Dano’ Rogerson will kick-off their new weekday drive-time programme, The Jono & Dano Show, with some of Australia’s biggest music legends this Australia Day.

Over three hours, the launch show special, Jono & Dano’s Homegrown Heroes, will be jam-packed with classic hits and interviews.

Music greats celebrating Jono & Dano’s return to radio on the Classic Hits Network include Jimmy Barnes, Richard Clapton, INXS’ Kirk Pengilly, Hoodoo Gurus, Rob Hirst, Ian Moss, Jon Stevens, Doc Neeson, John Paul Young, Iva Davies, James Reyne, Mental As Anything, Daryl Braithwaite, Mark Gable from The Choirboys, Diesel, Dragon, Ross Wilson and Eric McCusker from Mondo Rock, with many treating listeners to an acoustic performance.

6 January 2009

Iva recorded an interview this afternoon with Mark Trevorrow for his "Me and My Music" segment on 702 ABC Sydney radio. It aired later in the evening. Here's S.A.M.'s rundown of the discussion:

The show went for around 50 minutes.

It started with "We Can Get Together" being played.

Iva and Mark then spoke about, and played some of Iva's fave songs over the years, and discussed in some detail interesting bits and pieces relating to each song, and the artist.

Here is a listing of the songs played, and some of the comments...

Herbie Flowers was the bass player on this song. Mr Flowers was one of the factors (along with a Scottish band named Flowers) behind Flowers changing their name to Icehouse. Iva also mentioned how he modelled his guitar sound on the sound of Mick Ronson, who worked with Bowie, and who also played acoustic guitar on this track. The track comes from the album "Transformer" which was co-produced by Ronson and David Bowie.

Iva mentioned the writing of a certain B-side (based on the style of Lennon), the completion of which immediately preceeded John Lennon's death. That song was of course, the brilliant "Goodnight Mr Matthews".

Iva spoke of his experience accompanying Bowie on the Serious Moonlight Tour. It was interesting (and disturbing!) to hear how the emergency medical staff at one of the bigger concerts actually had prepared many stretchers in advance, in anticipation of there being many casualties. Their clinical anticipation was proved correct, as fan after fan was crushed against the stage barriers, and carted away on stretchers.

A song about the childish antics of adults in positions of power.


"You can't fool the children of the revolution" sings Marc Bolan. He fooled them alright, as Iva relates, driving around in a Rolls Royce, swimming in money!

Another band that ends up "filthy rich", despite some of their earlier beliefs and philosophies.

Iva also mentioned his love of classical music - in particular composers such as Bach and Strauss. One of the things he found most amazing about Bach was his ability to produce such incredible work despite the very strict confines and limitations of the genre.

As for current projects... Iva mentioned that's he's always on the lookout for new film projects. The situation in the film industry at present, however, means that quite a few projects end up getting shelved.

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